Vaping does not look cool

Whether you want to admit it or not smoking looks cool. A lot of people probably started smoking because it looked cool. Hell, James Dean smoked and a lot of people think he’s the coolest person who ever lived.

Now in this day and age of electronic cigarettes and nicotine vaporizers the naysayers are using the same old tired arguments to try to discourage people from using these cigarette replacements. One argument they can’t use is that it looks cool.

Considering the sizes of e-cigs and vaporizers range from a slightly oversize novelty cigarette to the handle of a light saber they are too awkward to use one and look cool at the same time. For example my vaporizer is the size of a small flute (piccolo?) and has a substantial heft to it. It’s too heavy to hold between your fingers or let hang from your lip. When I use it I hide it with my hand like I was doing something illegal.

While I was at the store buying my vaporizer I saw the epitome of uncool. A customer at the store had her vaporizer on a string around her neck. Talk about being tied to your addiction.

When I’m at work and want to use my vaporizer I still have to go to the smoking area and even the smokers are giving me the side eye. Not to mention that everyone I know who uses an e-cig or vaporizer is someone who has smoked for years (in my case decades) who is trying to or has quit smoking.

Bottom line is no kid is going to pick up vaping because they think it looks cool. If they do they have no idea what cool is,

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