Most teen mental illness goes untreated

Most Teen Psychiatric Disorders Go Untreated:


In a study done by Duke University it was estimated that most teens that have mental illnesses suffer without ever having them treated. I’m not talking about ADD either…

Adolescents with ADHD, conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder received mental health care more than 70 percent of the time. By contrast, teens suffering from phobias or anxiety disorders were the least likely to be treated. Results also varied greatly by race, with black youths significantly less likely to be treated for mental disorders than white youths.

So it’s acceptable if your kid is suffering from ADD but if he or she suffers from anxiety or depression apparently it’s taboo to get them help.

If you want to prevent teen suicides and acts of violence get them help if they need it. It’s not a phase, it’s real.

One thought on “Most teen mental illness goes untreated”

  1. Way too true. While I didn’t get the help I needed for my ADHD, I still got help. The adults in my life realized that there was a problem and at least attempted to help me.

    My phobias, other anxiety, and depression? Went completely unnoticed, except for the times I had panic attacks. I never got any help for those, only screamed at and grounded for having the mental clarity not to drive through a thunderstorm while panicking.


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