Trench’s adventures in vaping

My new vaporizer
My new vaporizer

As some of you know after 30 years of smoking I was able to finally quit this year by using disposable e-cigs. While some of the ones I used like Blu and Logic were satisfactory for the most part there’s always a gamble you take with the disposables. Depending on where you get them from either the battery could be already dead, the flavor could be non-existent or they could just not have your brand, possibly forcing you to choose an inferior product. After too many misses and not enough hits I decided to give in and buy a full-fledged vaporizer.

Now before we get starting I just want to say even though the products are called vaporizers I hate the word vaping. It sounds douchey and rhymes with raping. Unfortunately there’s no other word to describe the action of using a vaporizer so I will use it begrudgingly.

So I did a Google search for the nearest vaporizer outlet near me and I was led to MadVapes near the Concord Mills Mall. It’s about the average size of smoke shop and I was surprised how many people were in the store. I guess a lot of people have taken to vaporizers to help them quit smoking. Anyway I waited a little bit but nothing ridiculous. The woman who helped me was helpful and patient as I prattled on like the newb that I was. She asked me my price range and she showed me the SmokTech eGo ViVi Nova Starter Kit. I ended up purchasing this particular product and they threw in the liquid for free. First one is always free right? I did get to try it out before purchasing which is something you can’t do in a gas station. I said I wanted to try a vanilla flavored juice. She asked what my usual nicotine level was and I said between 14mg and 20mg. She let me try the 16mg French vanilla and that’s what I settled on. I guess I’m an underage kid who’s never smoked before since I bought juice with a *gasp* flavor, but I digress.

So far I’m happy with the product. It’s much better than a disposable and the prices work out that with my usage of it it’s even cheaper than using disposables. Granted it’s only my first day with my vaporizer but so far I can’t say enough great things about MadVapes. If you live in the Charlotte area and are looking to quit smoking or you’re already using a vaporizer check them out.

(In the interest of transparency this is an unsolicited review however if someone wanted to send some free swag my way I wouldn’t turn it away.)

3 thoughts on “Trench’s adventures in vaping”

  1. I would like to know how this post on vaporizers is related to “cross dressing craigslist hooker busted.” Good job on quitting smoking, too!


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