CDC claims e-cigs marketed towards kids

CDC: Makers of e-cigarettes, little cigars target kids:


Since e-cigarettes, or vaporizers as they’re properly known, have helped me quit smoking after 30 years I’ve become somewhat of a vocal proponent of them. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see I’ll post the occasional article about e-cigs. If it’s a good article I’ll sing its praises. If it’s a bad article I’ll try to explain away the FUD. If it’s really bad I’ll post about it here. This one is really bad.

It seems that the Center for Disease Control has weighed in with their opinion of e-cigs and have stated that they believe they are marketed towards children. I didn’t know the CDC meddled in the affairs of marketing. I thought that fell to the FDA or the FCC yet here we are. Thanks Obama. (little joke there) As usual the argument is based on the fact that e-cigs come in flavors. Apparently only children are allowed to enjoy flavors. Now I use the disposable e-cigs which usually only come in tobacco or menthol flavors while the rechargeables and higher end vaporizers come in a variety of flavors. This was one of the same arguments that got Camel to stop producing flavored cigarettes back in the 00s. I guess adults are only allowed to have flavors like Ben-Gay and liver. I would love it if there were a vanilla flavored disposable e-cig sold in my favorite retail locations. Not to mention it’s not like these are being advertised during Spongebob or anything like that. If kids start using e-cigs it will be for the same reason that I started smoking and that most kids started smoking, peer pressure. That was it. My best friend in high school smoked and I wanted him to like me so I smoked. That’s all there was to it. I didn’t have to be marketed to at all.

As far as the little cigars in the article go everyone knows what they’re really used for. The reason so many kids are smoking them is because they use them for blunts. It’s got little to do with the flavor.

This really shows how clueless government agencies can be some times.

2 thoughts on “CDC claims e-cigs marketed towards kids”

  1. This is kind of like the argument that any small clothing found in a store must be for children, because no adult is 5’3 with a 29-inch bust right? Only fifth-graders have that body size/shape. *grumblegrumble*

    Shows you how ignorant people are, really, when they don’t understand something other people like/do and they don’t.


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