Review of Super Collider by Megadeth


Anymore I only do reviews of something if it’s really good and Megadeth’s latest album Super Collider is damn good. It’s an almost flawless album in my opinion.

Now some people have complained that it isn’t head stomping, mosh pitting, face breaking thrash metal but I’m ok with that. Even without that level of thrash I still think Super Collider is the best album of the modern Megadeth era. Is it Rust In Peace? No, of course not. Very few bands can recreate that kind of level of perfection but Super Collider is a more mature release for a more mature audience. You have to figure that Megadeth’s first generation of fans started listening to them in the 1980s like myself. We can’t all be stuck in teen rebellion mode forever.

Super Collider instead deals not only with modern problems but the problems of adults in the working world. Let’s face it. Dave Mustaine is a millionaire yet somehow he still is in touch with the working class. This was first heard in “The Right To Go Insane” off of Endgame but even more so in “Dancing In The Rain” off of the new album. Speaking of that song I would rank it up there along Peace Sells and A Toute Le Monde as far as Megadeth songs go. As a matter of fact I think it’s a more mature Peace Sells.

Even though Dave seems to be cranking out albums the past few years Super Collider sounds like a more planned out album. Endgame and Th1rt3en sound more like Dave just threw down some tracks and released them as albums. Don’t get me wrong. I like those albums but they don’t come close to Super Collider. On the past two albums Dave engaged in some of his conspiracy theories in his music. It may have worked on United Abominations but it didn’t work on the previous two albums. On Super Collider he turns the conspiracy rhetoric down and the album comes out more like it’s ripped from the headlines with the latest NSA scandal.

I felt a couple of songs were weak but still listenable.

All in all I give it 4 fedoras out of 5. Buy this album.

Now check out Dancing in the Rain…

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