Review of Superior Spider-Man #1


For the story so far check out my review of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and yes here there be spoilers.

I really liked this issue. I love how the Doc Ock controlled Spider-Man was not only annoyed that someone else would dare call themselves the Sinister Six but how effectively he dealt with them and how he did it with such style. I loved every page of this comic book until the last two.

In my ASM 700 review, I said that eventually, Peter Parker’s subconscious would overtake Octavius’ and Spider-Man would be back to normal. When I meant eventually I didn’t mean right the hell now. For the next year or so are we really going to see Pete in Jedi ghost mode being the angel on Doc Ock’s shoulder? I hope the hell not and I hope that Marvel has something else up their sleeve that will keep this comic exciting.

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