Review of Amazing Spider-Man 700: Peter Parker dies


I know what you’re saying. “Trench. two comic posts in a row? Have you gone insane?” Possibly but that’s beside the point.

Every once in a while a comic book makes mainstream news. The last time it was Action Comics #900 when Superman supposedly renounced his American citizenship. This time it’s Amazing Spider-Man 700, the issue where Peter Parker dies. If you think that’s a spoiler you’ve been living under a proverbial rock as it was leaked weeks prior to the issue coming out. But in case you haven’t read the issue yet…


Anyway, the story goes that Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock) has switched bodies with Spider-Man. The drawback for Spider-Man is that Doc Ock is mere moments away from dying. Spider-Man valiantly tries to get his own body back but it’s for naught as Doc Ock’s body finally gives out and takes its last breath. But before dying Spider-Man establishes a mental link with Doc Ock and floods his mind with Peter Parker’s memories, most importantly the moment where Uncle Ben tells Peter that with great power comes great responsibility. At that point, Doc Ock promises to become an even better Spider-Man than Parker was.

This issue has caused some outrage in the comic boom community even resulting in the sending of death threats to the writer of the issue.

Now as geeky as I can get I actually thought this issue and the upcoming story of Doc Ock living Peter Parker’s life is a breath of fresh air. It’s a new and interesting take on the body swap concept which normally I detest. But let me try to soothe the nerd outrage that’s been going on.

This is obviously not going to be permanent. The Death of Superman taught us that death is only temporary with almost any character. This will probably be a year-long storyline where Doc Ock tries to be a better Spider-Man but realizes he doesn’t have it in him and when he’s just about to do something so vile and heinous it would make Dr. Doom crap his metal tunic Peter Parker’s memories and personality start a mental battle inside his mind and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man returns.

So basement dwellers, take it easy. Ol’ Pete will be back in no time and all will be right with the comic book world again. Anyway, as right as it can be.

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