Trench reviews Superman vs. The Elite


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the DC Animated movies. I think their work is better than the comics and live-action movies. However when I read the description of Superman vs. The Elite I thought I was going to hate it.

Basically, the concept of the movie is Superman still relevant in today’s world? He faces this question of crisis when a quartet of superhumans who are willing to kill their opponents appear on the scene. I thought this going to be a preachy feature but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a well-written story with plenty of action. As a matter of fact, the last 15 minutes of the movie were super intense. Pun intended.

The voice work was outstanding. I thought this was George Newbern’s best work voicing Superman. Pauly Perrette was excellent as Lois Lane. I thought she was a great mix of both Margot Kidder and Dana Delaney.

All in all, this has become my favorite DC Animated movie only second to Under the Red Hood.

The sad part is that this movie was all about the classic Superman in the red briefs and not the New 52 popped collar douchey Superman.

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