Trench reviews Tron: Uprising


First I have to thank Dr. Jones for turning me on to this cartoon.

I’ll be honest. I’m not the biggest Tron fan. I only saw the original movie a couple of years ago and I have no desire to see the sequel. However when I saw the preview for Tron: Uprising on the aforementioned Dr. Jones’ site I had to check it out.

Basically, the premise is that a section of The Grid has been taken over by Clu’s forces and a young mechanic named Beck sets off to start a revolution after seeing his best friend get derezzed.

The animation style is innovative and the voice acting is top-notch including such talents as Lance Heinriksen, Elijah Wood and Paul Reubens.

And even though I’m not a huge Tron fan I think that if Jeff Bridges did a cameo even I would geek out.

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