The Asus 4G Surf Linux Challenge: Mint 12 LXDE and Zorin 6 Lite


Two new Linux distros were released recently that I thought would be worthy of the Asus 4G Surf Linux Challenge. For those of you who are new, I have an Asus EeePC 701 4g Surf netbook. It is basically the first and in my opinion the best generation of netbooks although the 4GB hard drive leaves a lot to be desired but without that small disk space, there would be no challenge.

Our first contestant is Linux Mint 12 LXDE version. I always have been a huge supporter of Linux Mint and I even used Mint 11 LXDE on the Asus for a good while. However, the good news ends there as Mint 12 LXDE comes in at over 4GB. This is not to say anything bad about Mint. They make some of the best distros out there.

Also released recently was the LXDE version of my most recent favorite distro, Zorin OS. They recently released Zorin OS 6 Lite. To be honest I don’t see a whole lot of difference from 5 but this is a winning distro.

Installed with no problem. Still had almost a GB of space left over after the install. Boot time is crazy fast. It comes with Chromium rather than Chrome as the default browser which I really like.

So as of now Zorin OS 6 Lite is the current Asus 4G Surf Linux Challenge Champion.

On a side note about Zorin, they are holding back the release of Zorin OS 6 Core until they can find a desktop to their liking. With the current state of desktops in Linux, I say take as much time as you want.

5 thoughts on “The Asus 4G Surf Linux Challenge: Mint 12 LXDE and Zorin 6 Lite”

      1. Hi I am still using the eeePC 4G. I used it beacuse is very light. I am still using the eeebuntu distro. The main use for this tiny computer is for presentations (teaching) with OO.  I want to upgrade the OS distro (eeebuntu has no longer upgrades 😦 )
        I’ll gave a try at that Zorin….thanks for your challenge-review.


  1. I was looking for a replacement operating system for my ASUS 701 4G Surf, and am glad I found this review. I really like my 4G as it is very convenient, still a best value netbook without motorized hard disk worries and a really long battery life without charge. Zorin OS 6 Lite will extend the life of it and allow me to continue with this great portable notebook of a system, suitable for packing in overnight bags and motorcycle saddle bags.


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