Trench reviews Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Recently Microsoft released the ‘Consumer Preview’. aka release candidate or public beta, of Windows 8. I had heard good and bad things about it so I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to install. It wasn’t as fast a Linux installation but faster than any other Windows install I’ve ever done. That’s pretty much where the good things about Windows 8 ended. During the installation, it asked for my phone number and my zip code for ‘recovery’ purposes. I’m not paranoid but I prefer my OS not to have that information.

After installation, the Metro desktop was up by default. It’s obviously designed for touchscreens but can be used with a mouse and a keyboard. What can’t be used with Metro is a screen with a resolution less than 1024×768. This was a problem since the netbook I installed it on was 1024×600. There are hacks to fix that but I shouldn’t have to hack my own computer to get any OS to run properly on it. There is a desktop mode that can be used in lower resolutions but not only can you not have it enabled as default but there’s no menu on the desktop either.

This may be a decent OS for tablets but as far as real computers go I’d rather have Vista.

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