Review of Th1rt3en by Megadeth


Just like I said about Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer, Dave Mustaine is a conspiracy theorist and ego-maniacal prick but he’s also a musical genius. However, that did not translate well on Megadeth’s new album Th1rt3en.

While Dave’s conspiracy-minded lyrics were great on United Abominations it was annoying on Endgame and just downright boring on Th1rt3en. Not to mention while the guitar work on this album is amazing, more than half the songs on this album are just mediocre at best. To be honest I only liked about 5 songs on this 13 (natch) track album.

2 1/2 rattleskulls out of 5.

Here’s Sudden Death which in my opinion is the best track on the album.

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