Trench’s Linux tips and tricks for the week


I am far from a Linux guru. As a matter of fact, I prefer Ubuntu-based distros which are seen by some as Linux with training wheels. That is definitely their prerogative however I want to share the things about Linux that I have picked up in order to help someone else who is having the same issues that I had.

One of the things that kept me from making a full switch to Linux was the fact that I love using Windows 7 Paint as a basic photo editor. That was until I found KolourPaint. It has all the features I needed that were also present in Windows 7. KolourPaint is designed for KDE but I have no problem using it with a Gnome desktop. In Ubuntu-based distros, you should be able to find it in the Ubuntu software manager.

Another feature I like about Windows 7 was the ability to have rotating wallpaper. Again the software manager comes to the rescue with DesktopNova. I find DesktopNova to be superior to the similar feature in Windows 7.

Currently, I am separated from my main laptop but I do have two netbooks with me. Unfortunately, they both lack an external indicator to let me know if I’ve accidentally hit my Caps Lock key. I never use it intentionally. Luckily I was able to find Indicator-LockKeys so I can have an on-screen indicator.

And lastly Ubuntu and Linux Mint have some unusual internal scrollbars. They’re just a couple of arrows that aren’t there all the time. I found them to be annoying and unreliable. I did find a fix however that you can find here to give you more traditional scrollbars.

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