The Asus 4G Surf Linux Challenge Returns


So my Asus EeePC 701 4G Surf came out of active duty recently. So I’ve been able to see if I can find any Linux distros that would not only fit on the 4GB hard drive bit would work well also.

At first, I went to my standby and installed Zorin OS 5 Lite. I had Version 4 on it before and it worked great. However, after I installed 5 the OS crashed and was unrecoverable. That was not good.

Next, I tried Lubuntu since most if not all the Linux distros I used are Ubuntu-based.

I really wanted to love Lubuntu. It had a clean and slick desktop and worked great while in live mode. Unfortunately, Lubuntu required 5.6 GB of disk space. Not an option here.

Next, I went back to an old stand by of mine Watt OS. Back in the day, Watt OS could fit on my 2G Surf. That means it could fit on a 2GB hard drive. Once again Watt OS did not disappoint me.

After installation and updates, there was still over 1GB Of space left. It has an almost identical desktop to Lubuntu which I liked a lot. At first, I had a problem with the wifi connecting automatically but after a couple of restarts, that’s also working perfectly. Most importantly Watt OS actually recognizes the EEEpc’s battery correctly. Most distros keep trying to tell me that the battery is almost dead when it’s fully charged.

So for right now the Asus EeePC 701 4G Surf Linux Champion is Watt OS.

Is there any distro you would like to see go through the challenge?

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