Review of Thor


Marvel keeps surprising me with their film adaptations considering how they dropped the ball with the Spider-Man franchise.

Marvel seems to do a better job with casting unknowns in iconic roles than DC does with casting name actors. Granted Anthony Hopkins is not exactly an unknown but outside of Hopkins and Natalie Portman I was not familiar with the rest of the main cast.

I thought it was well written for a comic book movie with the right amount of action in it. Usually, I hate stories where the hero loses his powers but this one worked.

Now Thor has not been one of my favorite characters so I can’t speak to how faithful it was to comic book canon but it had enough nods to the silver age Thor for my liking and a few hints at the Avengers movie.

All in all, another well made Marvel movie. DC needs to get off its ass.

4 Mjolnirs out of 5.

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