Why the country is no longer unified


With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up tomorrow a friend of mine on Twitter asked why the country is no longer in unity like we were in the days after 9/11. I think I have the answer.

When 9/11 happened it felt like we were all attacked. I’m speaking figuratively of course but that’s how we felt. Then in the days, weeks and months after the attack basic human selfishness took over. Too many people had their own agenda that superseded any notions of patriotism or brotherhood. I’m not just talking about politicians but mostly everyday folk like you and me.

Once people started setting their own personal agendas in place unity gave way to ego. Due to 9/11, there have been increases in conspiracy theorists, anti-Islamists, xenophobes, and plain old ignorance which gave rise to fanaticism in all of these areas.

In a time of crisis, we inevitably come together as a country but once that crisis has passed we inevitably return to our own selfish beliefs that should not be greater than country.

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