Review of X-Men First Class


When I saw Green Lantern I thought that this was how superhero movies should be made. I now stand corrected. X-Men First Class is the epitome of superhero movies. The funny thing is I’m a Green Lantern fanboy and I was burned out on the X-Men in the early 90s.

Having said that this was what all superhero movies should be. The right amount of action and dialog without being cheesy. Fanboys may pick nits with it not being strictly in sync with comic book canon but it had plenty of nods to the comic book series to make me happy.

The acting was also first-rate especially Kevin Bacon. He looked like had a lot of fun playing the smarmy villain in the movie.

Also without giving away too much the surprise cameo in the movie was awesome.

4 1/2 wheelchairs out of 5.

One thought on “Review of X-Men First Class”

  1. i REALLY wanted to love this movie.  hate to say it, but it was all i could do to stay awake.  did not like at all.  don’t think teh boy or his woman were impressed either.


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