Forced health insurance ruled constitutional


Federal appeals court rules health care reform bill is constitutional:

This is the part where I remind you that I worked in the healthcare industry for 22 years. Not only have I worked for several major health insurance companies but I have also worked for medical practices and for a company that did annual enrollment for several major corporations. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that for the fact that I may have a little knowledge about the subject at hand.

Anyway, yesterday a federal appeals court in Cincinnati ruled that the “individual mandate” part of President Obama’s healthcare reform is constitutional. The “individual mandate” is the part that says all US citizens will be required to carry some form of health coverage by 2014.

How is this even remotely constitutional? Not only that but this does not make healthcare more affordable. In my opinion, it’s quite the opposite. If health insurance is made mandatory the government is basically giving the insurance companies carte blanche to charge whatever they want for something that you’re forced to have.

There is no real choice in the health insurance markets since most states only have a duopoly at best of what health insurance carriers you can ‘choose’. The only thing that will make health insurance more affordable is if these market strangleholds are broken and not the so-called reforms that President Obama is forcing upon us.

I’m not saying that President Obama is in the pockets of the health insurance industry but it seems like he is sure putting more of the people’s money into their pockets.

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