Tin foil turbans


Apparently, there’s a new generation of conspiracy theorists. I guess all the 9/11 conspiracies are passé now. Now it’s the time of the ‘Osama Bin Laden isn’t really dead’ conspiracies.

For example, a conservative legal watchdog group is suing the CIA and Defense Department for the release of the Osama Bin Laden death photos. The supposed watchdog group, whose name I won’t even mention, say that they’re pursuing the photos for reasons of ‘transparency in government’. In my opinion that roughly translates to ‘we’re a bunch of nutters who don’t believe Bin Laden is dead. They know that President Obama isn’t about to release the photos. Not to mention that suing the CIA is bound to shake a few nuts from the crazy tree.

Speaking of nuts, a man described as an eccentric California salvage diver is planning a dive into the Arabian Sea to recover Bin Laden’s body because he doesn’t believe he’s dead. When Fox News refers to you as ‘eccentric’ you definitely have issues. Again this will just be more conspiracy fodder because he won’t find the body for a few reasons. The first is the Arabian Sea is a pretty big body of water considering it’s part of the much larger Indian Ocean. Not to mention that if the US Government and the Navy Seals don’t want you found you won’t be found.

So please do us all a favor. Stop believing in conspiracies. The only one that is real is the conspiracy to irritate the shit out of me with your stupidity.

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