A view of 2011 from 1964 via The Outer Limits


Last night I watched an episode of The Outer Limits called The Duplicate Man. I thought the episode was set in 2011 because they had a plaque at a museum that read 2011 AD. While the episode actually took place in 2025 it was still interesting to see what the 1960s thought the 21st century would be like. Here’s what I posted on my Facebook while watching the episode.

  • Watching an episode of The Outer Limits that takes place in 2011. Apparently, we were visited by space aliens in the 80s and 90s.
  • It seems we have cords on our picture phones in 2011 and we still drive cars from the 60s. The cars also have two phones with 1960s like cradles mounted on the dash. What is the 2nd phone for?
  • $100K gets you a clone. Bargain.
  • We have ray guns that look amazingly like .38 revolvers with 50s looking sci-fi crap glued to them.
  • Police cars still have the gumball machine lights on them and police will gladly give you a ride home.
  • We use mine cars instead of stairs to get to our flying saucer-shaped homes.
  • The picture phones are rotary dials.
  • Ray guns are still good for an old-fashioned pistol whippin’.
  • Bootlegged clones will get you life in prison.
  • My bad, we brought the aliens back to Earth. Or Erf, if you will.
  • Clones only live for 5 hours and will stalk your wife.
  • Garage door openers are the size of bricks.
  • An iPad is an actual pad of paper.
  • Ring tones are still annoying.
  • We haven’t conquered cobwebs yet.
  • Clones will shoot an alien in the dick.
  • Then the alien will body slam you and impregnate you.
  • Your clone will let you die and steal your wife.
  • The End.

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