Doctors turning away the children of idiots who won’t get their kids vaccinated


This is an article about how some doctors in the US are declining treatment to children whose parents refuse to get them vaccinated. I say it’s about damn time and more if not all doctors are doing this.

It’s the doctor’s damn right to protect his other patients from ill-informed, misguided, stupid, gullible Luddites who won’t get their kids vaccinated because they believe in a bullshit theory that has been disproven that vaccines can give your kids autism.

So you stupid fucking morons would rather your kids get polio, measles or whooping-cough than rather dealing with an autistic child. You people are not only stupid but you’re selfish as well. It’s not about your children. It’s about the fact that you’re too fucking lazy to deal with a child that has autism. However, the point still remains that they can’t get autism from vaccines. Even if it was true, which it isn’t, would you rather have a kid with autism or one that’s dead?

Thanks to morons like you diseases that were thought to have been wiped out a century ago have made strong comebacks.

And yes, I do think vaccinations should be mandatory. Fuck you and what you think you’re rights are. Your fucking stupidity is killing children all over this country.

When I was a child a parent didn’t even think twice about protecting their children from fatal diseases by getting them vaccinated.

Your kids aren’t stupid from vaccinations. You’re stupid for not getting them vaccinated.

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