Gender neutral housing at Rutgers is a bad idea


I saw on the news the other day that Rutgers is considering ‘gender-neutral’ housing in its dorms. I believe we used to call that ‘coed’ and ‘unisex’ back in the times before political correctness.

The policy that is being looked at…

…is primarily designed to help gay and lesbian students who say they often have difficulty finding tolerant roommates of the same sex.

Which is all well and good. If people have a problem with someone being openly gay they need to get over it. However, I see a definite drawback to this plan.

If a female student, no matter what sexual orientation,  is housed with a straight male student this leaves the door wide open for sexual assaults. Considering that rapes and sexual assaults are mostly under-reported I’m more concerned about a female student being violated then a gay student’s feelings being hurt.

8 thoughts on “Gender neutral housing at Rutgers is a bad idea”

  1. oh please, relax. Both students would have to mutually agree to the student they were rooming with. Secondly, why do you assume an openly gay female rooming with a straight male is the largest window open for sexual assault? you clearly have a bias in assuming the only practical mean of a sexual assault occurring is as the straight male being the aggressor. what if a gay male rooming with a straight male sexually assaults a straight male? your claim is extremely one sided. In reality, sexual assault can occur anywhere. I applaud rutgers university’s innovation. It makes perfect sense. you one the other hand do not. look past your ignorance and realize that a straight male is not a sexual predator. kids go there to build a future and i highly doubt raping a homosexual girl is wort their education and a criminal record tat wil haunt them the rest of their life. sure it’s a role of the dice but everything is in life. Otherwise you could stay reserved like yourself and be writing ludicrous articles for a living.


    1. Right, because there’s a long history of gay men sexually assaulting straight men in college campuses across the country. Oh wait, there isn’t.

      However there is a long history of drunken college dudes sexually assaulting and raping women. 

      You sound like one of those men’s rights guys. 

      Thanks to Rob Taylor for the reference. 


        1. The men’s rights movement is trying to assert the rights of straight men everywhere, but particularly in family court and domestic violence situations, where a clear bias against men can be seen, sometimes to the detriment of their children and society. I don’t think anyone with the courage to stand up to a broken system with dignity, rationality, and a strong sense of heart is an emasculated pansy even if they come off as whiny. On the contrary, I applaud them for their courage and I am willing to weigh their arguments on the universal scale of objectivity.

          Note: I’m not actually in the men’s rights movement, but I know of men who are with good reason. I’m simply sympathetic to the cause, that’s all.


    2. I will also say (sorry I forgot to put this in my comment box earlier, my bad) that while I usually love everything on your site, I would disagree with this one Trench. I know you wade through stories of human shit everyday for your blog, but contrary to popular opinion, their are straight men that can control their urges. Not all straight men are potential rapists.


      1. I never said that all straight men are potential rapists. However there is enough precedence of sexual assaults on college campuses from straight men that makes me think that gender neutral housing is a bad idea. 


        1. I can see that. One thing I will say is that college is a place where individuals explore their gender identity on a regular basis, so for those individuals, gender neutral housing may be beneficial. I clearly remember some of the more hippie liberal students at my post-secondary institution leaving graffiti around that stated “down with the gender binary”.


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