The Oscar gift bags 2011

Sometimes after the Oscars are awarded I usually bitch about the gift bags that the losers and presenters receive for their ‘service’. This year is no different. Check out what Hollywood gave out at this year’s awards…

* $200,000: An orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic.

* $16,000: Four-night stay at the Huvafen Fushi luxury resort in the Indian Ocean from Premier Tours, featuring an underwater spa in the Maldives.

* $200: Black caviar eye and neck cream from J. Holly International

* $4,850: One-week “fitness and weight-loss” retreat from Live in Fitness

* $100: Pack of electronic cigarettes adorned with Swarovski crystals from blu Cigs.

* $20: “Shimmer” toilet paper roll from KimzHollywood List

* $12,000: Use of a private island for five days, “including private houseman” from

* $14.99: NOZIN “all natural” nasal spray.

Now multiply all that by the number of actors and actresses who received those gift bags. Not to mention that they already make millions of dollars or at least a lot more money than most of us make.  I wonder how many of them would have had a hissy fit if they didn’t receive their crystal-encrusted electronic cigarettes.

Meanwhile, people I know are throwing their pets on the fire just to stay warm.

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