Review of All Star Superman DVD


Let me preface this by saying I was not a fan of the All-Star Superman series of comics. I personally thought that it highlighted everything that has been wrong with the Superman franchise in the last 70 years. With that in mind, I was not happy to hear that the latest release in the series of DC Comics animated DVDs was going to be an animated adaptation of All-Star Superman.

However, I was surprisingly pleased with the DVD. On the plus side, they cut out a lot of what I thought was unnecessary filler in the comic books which I thought led to a much tighter story on the DVD.

On the other side, the voice acting really bothered me. Perry White was played by Ed Asner which for us old folks who remember Lou Grant this was an awesome choice for the role. Anthony LaPaglia played Lex Luthor but to me, he sounded exactly like Ed Asner. so when Luthor talked to Perry White it sounded like Ed Asner was talking to himself.

I would not recommend this one for kids either. It really doesn’t have any mature subjects however there are some scenes that may disturb the young ones but for the most part, the story will be over their heads.

I give it a 2 1/2 out of 5.

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