Roethlisberger’s road to redemption?



As for the off-field problems that nearly derailed his career before the season, Williams adds, “Winning cures a lot of things. A lot of sins are forgiven.”

Not in my eyes. The only redemption that Doucheliesberger can give is if he left the Steelers.

This isn’t the Cowboys or the Bengals we’re talking about. It’s the Pittsburgh freakin’ Steelers. A team that I thought held its players to a higher standard but I guess I was wrong. As a long-time Steelers fan I am embarrassed that this douchetastic assclown is the QB. He could win 10 Super Bowls and I wouldn’t care. He is a black eye on the history of the Steelers that should be expunged.

I hope the Jets continue their winning streak against the AFC powerhouses tomorrow and send the Steelers packing.

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