The 2010 Trenchie Awards

Once again it’s time for the 10th annual blog post that my wife likes the most, the 2010 Trenchie Awards.

Best Movie: Shutter Island. Sorry folks but I liked this movie. If you were one of those people who figured out the ending before the end of the movie I feel sorry for you. One of the greatest joys to me is being truly surprised by the ending of a good movie. I’m not a DiCaprio fan but I liked him in this. I didn’t see Inception.

Worst Movie: Iron Man 2. The acting was great, the cast was great, the effects were great, the writing just wasn’t there and I felt the ending was a little more than anticlimactic.

Best Album: 2010 was a great year in music for me. There were great releases by such bands as Fozzy, Overkill, Charred Walls of the Damned, and Stone Sour. However, I’m going to bend the rules a little bit here because for the best album for 2010 was actually an album that came out in 2009. Jade and I attended a concert back in the fall that was opened by a band called Halestorm. I’ve been in love with the band ever since. Fronted by Lzzy Hale their self titled album is just pure raw rock at its best. A woman hasn’t rocked this hard since Joan Jett. Bands like Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf and Evanescence wish they could be half as talented and not overproduced. And the great part is they’re even better live than they are in studio.

Worst Album: It seems they keep winning this category every year that they release a new album. The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden. I’ve loved Maiden since I was a kid. I saw them several times in concert back in the day but again they haven’t put out a decent studio album since 2000’s Brave New World.

Best TV Show: AMC’s The Walking Dead. Again the job of a good TV show is to keep my interest in tuning in again next week and The Walking Dead did just that. I think the fact that it only had a 6 episode season was a good thing too. No dragging shit out forever.

Worst TV Show: Top Gear America on History. Look, it’s not a bad show. I actually enjoy it but it’s Top Gear for people who have never seen the real Top Gear. It’s Top Gear Light.

Best Comic: Hey kids a new category. Since I started reading comics again I thought it was only natural. Anyway, in 2010 I really enjoyed the Batman titles with Dick Grayson as Batman while Bruce Wayne was lost in time. Not a big fan of Bruce Wayne being lost in time though.

Worst Comic: Deadpool MAX. I get it. Deadpool is a goofy character and all but my problem wasn’t with Deadpool as much as it was with the supporting characters. It seems the writers had too much fun putting in gags about poop and sodomy. It was like a Kevin Smith fanboy tried to write a comic like Kevin Smith.

Dumbasses of 2010: Everybody who boycotted their local BP station. The only thing you were doing was taking the money way from a local business in a tough economy.

Most Inane Political Agenda of 2010: This is a two-parter. Not only does it go to the people who started the ‘Pray for Obama’s death’ Facebook page but also for the people who were outraged that probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if there was a pray for George W. Bush’s death Facebook group.

Biggest Jackass Celebrity of 2010: As much as I don’t want to recognize that their celebrities I have to go with the cast of Jersey Shore. I take umbrage to this program because I grew up on the South Jersey Shore, or as we call it…the beach. Only tourists call it ‘the shore’. And these assclowns and hambeasts aren’t even from New Jersey. They’re Bennies from New York.

That’s it for 2010. Don’t be a statistic on Amateur Night II and hopefully, we’ll do this again next year for the 11th time.

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