More on Healthcare ‘Reform’


The last time I talked about healthcare reform I bemoaned the fact that the new healthcare regulations allow adult dependent children to be covered under their parents’ plans until the age of 26. I’m sure some of you are kicking up your heels about that. If you are you don’t realize at what price that is costing. Not only is it increasing premiums but some employers are cutting costs elsewhere with benefits in order to defer the costs of covering adult dependents.

For example, the company I am currently doing annual enrollment for has basically eliminated coverage for spouses/domestic partners in order to have the adult dependents covered. They haven’t come right out and admitted it but corporations like this often will cut a part of a benefit in order to regroup mandated losses.

Also with corporations and insurance carriers being what they are if you did want to cover your spouse or partner, there are only a few circumstances where they could be covered. If your spouse/partner works for a company that has more than 40 left-handed employees with red hair then they can be covered. Of course, that’s sarcasm but you get the idea.

So really there has been no true healthcare reform merely healthcare shuffling. Whatever the politicians legislate the carriers and corporations can counter in the name of expenses. It’s a healthcare war of attrition and we’re the casualties.

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