Whatever happened to benefits? Part 2

I then went to work for another major insurance company. Medical benefits were great, not free but great. It was then I was introduced to a concept known as ‘accrued time’. That means that you earn your paid vacation time throughout the year. I thought “Ok, that’s understandable.” Not only does it keep people like me from blowing through all their vacation time in January but it also rewarded employees for loyalty and attendance.

It was then that I met my future wife and moved to North Carolina. More on NC later. There I worked for yet another major insurance company. I didn’t stay there long enough to enjoy the benefits. Then I went to work for a very minor insurance company and stayed there even less.

I moved back north for a year and worked for a decent-sized hospital. Also decent medical insurance. They were plenty stingy of the time off though, especially sick time. No real complaints to speak of.

Then I got married to my then fiancé and now wife and moved back to North Carolina.

To be continued. 

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