Whatever happened to benefits?

Whatever happened to workers’ benefits?

We used to have these things called benefits. You know, things like health and dental benefits, vacation days, sick days, etc. Somewhere along the line these incentives to work for companies slowly started to disappear.

It didn’t just happen overnight either so you can’t put the full blame on the economy or President Obama or whatever. Let me tell you my tale.

Back in the late 80s/early 90s, I worked for a major insurance company. We had the best benefits back then. Medical coverage at no cost, great dental coverage, paid sick days at the start of the year and separate paid vacation days at the start of the year. It was truly the age of prosperity in my working days. Of course, I was a young idiot and squandered these gifts and abused these privileges.

I hated working for that company so when I left I thought I would find a better job with better benefits.

Oh, how I was mistaken.

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