R.I.P. Peter Steele

Peter Steele, Type O Negative Singer, Has Died:

Metal has lost one of its most distinct and creative voices with the passing of Type O Negative bassist and frontman Peter Steele.

In the pantheon of my metal gods, Peter was only second behind Ronnie James Dio.

When I was severely suffering from depression I found comfort in Steele’s dark lyrics which in turn influenced my own set of lyrics that used to be posted on these pages. That also helped me deal immensely with my depression until I was able to finally get help.

I was fortunate enough to catch Type O negative in concert not too long ago. I feel even more fortunate now that I got to see them live. During the concert here in Charlotte, NC Pete said “Yeah, we’re from the south. SOUTH FUCKIN’ BROOKLYN. Which struck me as funny because I use the same line except South Jersey instead.

I’m listening to TON on my MP3 player right now and even though it should be obvious I’m amazed at how ironic the song titles have become such as Everything Dies and Everyone I Love is Dead and Dead Again.

When I heard the first rumblings of his passing I thought it was just another internet rumor it wasn’t until I saw it confirmed by TON’s record company did I realize that it was in fact true.

You will be missed and my thoughts and prayers go out to Peter Steele’s friends and family.

I will be wearing my Carnivore shirt in his honor tomorrow.

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