No colors allowed


That sign appears outside a bar in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.

I’ve seen this kind of sign on countless bars in my time. The first time I saw one I automatically thought that it was referring to gang colors. In this instance, it’s referring to biker colors. I thought that this was pretty much common knowledge.

However, some woman from the area got butthurt because she thought it was a racist sign.

I thought that the real meaning of the sign was common knowledge but I guess some people don’t possess that knowledge. The guy who owns the bar was even approached by the NAACP and when he explained to them what the sign meant they understood and left.

Not everything is about racism and if you look everywhere for racism you’re going to find it whether it’s intended or not.

In other words, lighten up Francis.

One thought on “No colors allowed”

  1. It’s obvious what the sign means, but today there is so much divisiveness and race-baiting (by people of all races) that everyone has to watch their words carefully or they could be branded a racist. The craziest aspect of the story is that the woman wasn’t even black –she was Asian. As long as we think in terms of color, we will remain divided.”Now some of us would rather cuss and make a fussThan to bring about a little trust” –Curtis Mayfield


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