The Devil You Know by Heaven and Hell

If Black Sabbath had written Stairway to Heaven it would be Bible Black.

This song is an instant classic that should be in the pantheon of Dio-Era Sabbath songs like the song Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately, the rest of the album doesn’t rock as hard. Oh, it rocks all right and it’s a great album. It’s just not as good as other Dio Sabbath albums. Yes, I think Dehumanizer is a better album. But it’s still the Dio fronted Black Sabbath so it’s automatically awesome.

Highly Recommended.

All hail his name m/
All hail his name m/

One thought on “The Devil You Know by Heaven and Hell”

  1. hi, I disagree totally with your comparison, its way far better than the Dehumenizer Album, it also holds the atom of Heaven and Hell distnct from the Sabbath era, I think Atom and Evil is an iconic sound that traverses the depth of my soul, admitting that Bible Black also is another corner stone of that album, I think this album is gonna get greater as it grows just like the Born again ,was first despised by all the sabbath fans , but in few years they had nothing but to talk about how that album was a great vibe, thank you Heaven and Hell please do not break up again.


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