Obama’s secret prisons


The Evidence: Debunking FEMA Camp Myths:

One of the saving graces of President Obama being elected I thought would be the end of the leftist conspiracy theorists who thought former President Bush was building secret prison camps. I was partly right. Now the right-wing conspiracy nuts are saying that President Obama is building secret prisons camps. What’s with you people? Are you the same nut jobs just switching sides? Or are you a bunch of new nut jobs co-opting the old nut jobs conspiracy theories?

There are no secret prisons. Obama isn’t a secret Muslim. He’s not going to take away your guns. He’s not the anti-christ. Get a life, people.

6 thoughts on “Obama’s secret prisons”

  1. The FEMA prison camps comes from the 1990s and is deeply teid in with the whole New World Order/Satanic Illuminati crowd. They are neither right nor left (although Communist groups sometimes use their material, as do White Supremacists and Caliphatist groups) but more generally a fringe element in any movement.Most, but not all, consider themselves Libertarians, communitarians etc. As for the guns, sorry and AWB and a push for handgun bans is coming after the 2010 elections unless Democrats lose seats. That’s not a conspiracy theory, but the platform the rank and file Dems basically voted for. Basically the Democratic Paltform is that we should have New York style gun laws.The two are separate in my mind. The FEMA camp is used to create paranoia among people who already beleive things like 9/11 was an inside job etc. The gun bans are political predictions which at least are based on facts (like Obama’s statements on AWBs and his voting record.)Popular Mechanics did a great short job debunking this ion Glen Beck where they showed that many of the FEMA camps they show in these videos are actual concentration camps…in North Korea.


  2. Rob, I’m not talking about the never ending debate on gun control. I’m talking about the people who think that Obama is going to wave his hand and mysteriously the 2nd amendment will have been repealed. Which then of course leads to the police state which is what the FEMA camps are for. 😆


  3. I think that the FEMA camp people think that’s what would happen. As a gun owner though I’m concerned about the Ammo tax measures some Dems proposed a few years ago as well as ammo ID laws (both measures would mean that poor people would be excluded from buying ammo) and the, shall we say flawed, study released saying Cartels were getting 90% of their guns from here (it’s actually 90% of guns with registration numbers, fully automatic weapons and granades are not coming from here) which is a precursor for a push on gun laws which always affect poor people who need guns the most.That being said until 2010 no Democrat has the guts t touch gun control. The Dem majority includes too many “Blue dog” Democrats for that to fly. If Dems gain seats (doubtful at this point) I may start stockpiling (more) guns, but until then it’s simply paranoia to think your guns are going anywhere.


  4. Yeah Obama&rsquos the AntichristSanta Ana, Calif, Orly Taitz court hearing of her caseGo massively and protest thereTuesday next week, 9/8, 8 AMOust the Antichrist jail him for high treason and put him on death row


  5. Here made it easy for you…. Just do some research before you start damning us nuts, you fool. Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot, Operation Cable Splicer, and a flurry of executive orders issued over the years have established the framework for concentration camps. It can happen. Oh and shame on you for even using FOX as a source. Everybody knows main stream media lies there ass off. Especially Fox. Why don’t you get a life asshole. If you can debunk any one those operations i just pointed out, then send me an email and more power to you. If you cant, then your just a another brain washed prick. Open your eyes, see the big picture.


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