The 2008 Trenchie Awards

I present to you for the 8th year in a row, my wife’s favorite feature, the 2008 Trenchie Awards.

Best Movie: Without out a doubt The Dark Knight. What was even better than Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker was Aaron Eckhart’s role as Two-Face. Plus I liked how the writers handled The Joker’s origin as in they didn’t give him one.

Worst Movie: I didn’t see any bad movies this year so I’ll have to defer to my wife for this one and she says that it was The Happening. In her exact words. Ooooooh pissed off plants. She also said she’d have rather watched What’s Happening.

Best Album: This was a mediocre year for new albums so I have to give it to Eternal Flame by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and that’s only because Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens does the vocals. The runner-up is Along Came a Spider by Alice Cooper. He’s back to his 70’s style and this was an awesome concept album about a fictional serial killer.

Worst Album: Nostradamus by Judas Priest. It’s not unlistenable just unmemorable.

Best TV Show: Thanks to BBC America I have become addicted to Top Gear. My addiction is so bad I now have to download the UK versions of the episode from Bit Torrent so I can get the most current and complete episodes and Jeremy Clarkson is my new hero.

Worst TV Show: Prototype This on Discovery. It’s just a rehashed version of Smash Lab which was a godawful show. If they’re going to build something cool don’t give them a time limit and just let them build it.

Best/Worst Wrestling Moments: Retired. I don’t watch enough wrestling anymore to keep up

Best Nintendo DS Game: I realized this year I’m only going to play DS games anymore since it allows me to watch/listen to the TV at the same time. I tried playing an older console game this year and it drove me nuts that the actual TV signal wasn’t on. Anyway, the game of the year is The World Ends with You. This was an awesome RPG from Square Enix but not in the traditional sense. It had original game controls and a highly unique storyline. It kept me addicted for the better part of the year and had amazing replay value too.

Worst Nintendo DS Game: I really didn’t play a bad DS game this year but when I went back to play Front Mission again it lost a lot of its luster.

Dumbasses of 2008: Making a return from 2005 it’s all the dumbasses that fled to the gas pumps after Hurricane Ike causing another gas shortage and a spike in prices.

Most Inane Political Agenda of 2008: Everybody that wants to name every road and school etc. after Barack Obama. He hasn’t done anything yet. That could really come back to bite you in the ass if he’s a lousy president.

Biggest Jackass Celebrity of 2008: No question this year as Jenny McCarthy wins it this year hands down with her junk science bull crap about child vaccinations causing Autism. I hope she’s happy when we have a polio epidemic.

Have a safe and happy Amateur’s Night and hopefully we will do this again next year.

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