Trench expounds on Christmas

This story actually happened last week and really didn’t garner that much attention but It gives me a chance to educate everyone on the sham that is Christmas.

Anyway, it seems that some people with pre-wadded panties at UNC-Chapel Hill got their noses bent because the school library had a tradition of displaying Christmas trees. They said they were offended at the ‘Christian’ display. Which of course resulted in the Christians being offended over the heathens being offended. Now let this Christian set everyone straight.

Both sides are 100% wrong.

How is that possible you ask? Well, there’s more than two sides of a story. In this case, there’s my side, or as I like to call it…the truth.

Either side who thinks a Christmas tree is a Christian symbol is dead wrong. The decorating of trees was originally a Pagan practice. After the Roman Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity the Empire sought to stomp out other religions. Christmas came about when the Empire decided to celebrate Christ’s birth rather than the Pagan winter celebration so they co-opted many of their winter traditions into Christmas.

Speaking of Constantine and Christ’s birth, Christ was not born on December 25th. Again the Pagan winter festival was co-opted. One theory even states that December 25th was Constantine’s birthday. Early Christians celebrated the baptism of Jesus on January 6th on the feast of the Epiphany.

So basically Christians who celebrate Christmas are basically celebrating a Pagan festival or the birthday of Constantine. Take your pick.

On the other hand, if you’re faithless and you exchange presents with someone on December 25th you really shouldn’t call it Christmas. Say happy winter solstice or something like that since the word Christmas is from Middle English and means Christ’s Mass.

After the reformation, some Christian faith’s didn’t even celebrate Christmas and Easter was considered the high holy day of Christianity since it was the Resurrection of Christ.

So in conclusion Christmas sucks, I hate it, bah humbug, and I wished the Grinch had killed the Whos.



2 thoughts on “Trench expounds on Christmas”

  1. Happy Festivus Trench. I choose not to celebrate crimbo because of the fact that it is now a holiday aimed are marketing goods. Every year the commercials come earlier and earlier. How is a Ipod celebrate the birth of jesus/constintine/? The kids have no clue what the holiday means besides winter break and free gifts for being ‘good’. I have to deal with kids on a day to day basis so I know when they hear Christmas their eyes light up, not with Christmas cheer I mean I see little dollar signs and big presents in those beady eyes. I am not saying believing is a bad thing it is just that if you are going to celebrate a dead deity with a chopped down dying organism that produces oxygen and a habitat for animals, well do it for the right reason.


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