I believe…

I believe in God.

I believe in evolution.

Tell me why I can’t believe in both.

2 thoughts on “I believe…”

  1. I think you probably remember this is a stance I take as well.

    Note that I believe in evolution in the lack of a better current explanation.

    I do have a few problems with many of the people pushing evolution today, though:

    1) In many places it’s being taught as fact, not theory. You don’t have to be against evolution to have a problem with that. We probably have a better understanding of the atom than we do of evolution, but it’s still taught – correctly – as “atomic theory”. Teaching evolution as a fact is a political agenda, and when politics and science mix, nobody wins.

    2) Many of the scientists attempting to prove evolution start with a pre-conceived idea and attempt to force the evidence to fit. Not only is this the *opposite* of the scientific method, it impedes improvement of the theory itself. After all, Darwin’s original theories have mostly been disproven. Refusing to look at the subject objectively prevents progress.

    3) People on *both* sides of the issue trying to use evolution as a fulcrum to destroy the other. There is no dichotomy between religion and science. Proving evolution does not disprove any religion, and vice versa.

    Just a few of my gripes. 😛


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