PCLinuxOS MiniMe

Yesterday I complained about PCLinuxOS and how I thought it was a buggy and ugly distro and how I couldn’t even get MiniMe to boot to my laptop. On the urging of a commenter (which is rare around here), I gave PCLinuxOS, specifically MiniMe, another try.

I found the command I needed to get it to boot properly fairly easily. When I got it installed and changed the ugly ass wallpaper it started looking like a cool distro. I love the fact that it uses Synaptic as a package manager. Synaptic is a lot better than Mandriva’s package installer. So it’s got that going for it.

However, MiniMe did one thing that no Linux Distro has ever done on my laptop. It froze. That was a dealbreaker for me.

But in its defense, MiniMe has convinced me to give the full PCLinuxOS distro another try.

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