FastMail FTW revisited

On yesterday’s post about FastMail I made sort of a jargon related error when talking about aliasing.

When I speak of aliasing I mean being able to send out your e-mail as any e-mail address you wish. With the account I have at FastMail that allows me to have 8 ‘personas’ in FastMail’s parlance. However, Rob, one of the top dogs at FastMail was kind enough to send me the following tips…

Do you know about sub-domain addresses? If you have the username, or even an alias, then you can send email to:


And it will go to your account. Whenever I have a webform to fill in, I use an address of the form:

Over time, I can see which companies have been selling my email addresses, and if needed, block them via a rule. Unfortunately it’s usually not an issue, the spam filter gets it all anyway.

Additionally, if you send to:

And if you have a folder named “xyz” (or “XYZ” or “xYz”, eg capitalisation not important), then email will go straight to that folder. Useful for mailing lists.

There are hundreds of other little tricks like that in FastMail, it’s just hard to document + find them all sometimes! 🙂

Thanks, Rob. Not only are these tips extremely useful it also shows how great FastMail’s customer service is. I don’t think I’ve ever heard from anybody at Gmail.

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