G-Mail vs. Inbox.com

Today’s runner up to G-Mail is Inbox.com. Great name for a free e-mail provider by the way.

+ Fast interface. I mean super fast. Leaves G-Mail in the dust.

+ Aliasing. All the aliasing you need.

+ Good interface

+ Can stay logged in all day

– No forwarding

– Every time you delete an e-mail it asks if you really want to delete it and there’s no way to shut it off.

– When you delete an e-mail it takes you to the previous e-mail.

– Occasional ads in tagline but they’re so obnoxious it makes it really annoying. And all they advertise to is their own stuff.

– They advertise for their own screensavers and stuff. SiteAdvisor says there is no spyware but it still feels sketchy.

– Lots of complaints about whole accounts being lost.

– Lack of feedback and limited documentation on service.

Bottom Line: Inbox.com has the potential to be a G-Mail killer if they lost the tagline ads and addressed fears about lost accounts.

Trench’s Rating: 3 out of 5. So close but yet so far.

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