G-Mail vs. GMX

Today in our comparison to G-Mail we look at GMX.

Overall a nifty webmail service with just a few drawbacks.

+ Slick interface. It looks like a mail app like Thunderbird or Outlook but it’s all web-based.

– But it all opens in a new window, not a new tab.

– And you can’t stay logged in all day unless you leave the window up all day which leads to being caught by bosses.

/ Aliasing is kind of a toss-up. You can have 10 GMX addresses under one account but only one name. Also, you can’t alias as another e-mail address unless that service allows you to download your mail to GMX through POP.

+ Forwarding to other addresses is available.

+ No ads in the tagline.

+ Decent user forum with feedback from GMX

– Doesn’t work in all browsers

Bottom Line: Awesome free service except for a few minor details and to be fair they are in Beta. Still not G-Mail

Trench’s Rating: 4 out of 5. Almost as good if not better than G-Mail but just misses the mark.

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