Peter Steele kicks ass


Here are some reasons why Peter Steele has attained almost god-like status with me.

Reason #1:

“I believe that the true definition of a rock band is to upset people and that’s the reason rock became rock in the late 50’s, because the country was pretty right-wing. So when rock came out—being left-wing—that upset people. I will admit to being slightly right-wing. I consider myself to be a conscientious conservative. I am pro-police, pro-government, and pro-parent. Because the country has shifted so far to the left that even if you are mid-wing, still you are upsetting people. So, all these trendoid rock bands are just preaching to the choir. I have, in the past, gone out of my way to upset people and fortunately it worked. That’s why I can say Carnivore and Type O Negative are true rock bands, because your parents aren’t going to like this music. And if they do like it you better find different parents.”

Reason #2:

“I went to confession for the first time in 30 years. And the priest was very happy that I had come back to church and stuff. I didn’t go into each and every sin otherwise he would have to take two weeks vacation (laughs). I said ‘Father I did wrong and I want to apologize to God for my behavior and I’m going to try for it to not happen again.’ It’s better to pay in this life then in the afterlife. So he said “well, make a large donation to your favorite charity, which I did. I’m not going to tell you which charity it was or how much, because that really started me thinking about these so-called charitable people. Charity should be anonymous. If you’re going to get a pat on the back for doing…”Oh, you’re such a great guy. You gave five million dollars—even though you have 50 billion—to South Africa. You’re a great fuckin’ guy.”

And reason #3:

I had gone to see Deep Purple, Scorpions, and Ronnie James Dio at the PNC shithole of fuck, New Jersey. Whatever it is. They were all really cool. Ronnie’s a great fuckin’ guy.

Thanks to KNAC for the best Peter Steele interview I’ve ever read.

8 thoughts on “Peter Steele kicks ass”

  1. I’m really blessed because I saw them Friday night in Louisville at a place called Headliners. Peter is everything I expected him to be and a LOT more. He’s the tallest guy I’ve ever seen and the most beautiful at that. :-O


  2. Phew, finally. Someone in the business that isn’t ultra shove it in your face liberal or even shove it in your face political. I didn’t really know what Type O’s leanings were and I honestly never really cared. Just because I love listening to them so much. But this is cool.


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