Regulatin’ Rasslin’

Georgia May Regulate Wrestling as a Sport In Response to Chris Benoit Murder-Suicide:

In a knee-jerk response to the Chris Benoit murder-suicide the State of Georgia, where the crime took place, is considering regulating professional wrestling as a real sport.

These politicians may think that they’re protecting wrestlers from steroids and concussions by enacting such legislation but they’re really not.

I believe it was Oregon that tried a similar regulation not too many years ago. They were regulating wrestling because of health concerns. I believe it was because of the blood that wrestlers shed in matches that Oregon officials were trying to protect wrestlers and fans from blood-borne diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. So what did the wrestling companies do? They just didn’t go to Oregon anymore. That will be the same thing that happens to Georgia if they enact any kind of legislation like that. Which would mean no more Pay Per Views in Georgia which would mean a loss of revenue for the state. That would be a shame because Georgia has such a rich history of professional wrestling.

Also if you regulate pro wrestling you’d have to regulate other non-sporting events as well such as the circus or rock concerts.

Besides this won’t really protect the wrestlers. They’ll be doing the same things they’ve always done, just in another state.

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