None more negative

I can finally cross one off the list of bands I need to see before I die. I’ve seen Black Sabbath and Dio, and last night Type O Negative was added to the list.

Charlotte, NC does not normally attract the best metal bands since they get no radio play so Type O coming to the area was something of a miracle for me. And they did not disappoint.

They opened up with “Magical Mystery Tour” by the Beatles. They also played songs from every album. The one that surprised me the most was “Anesthesia” from Life is Killing me as that’s one of my favorite Type O songs of all time. From the new album, they played “Profits of Doom” and “These Three Things”.

My only small disappointment was that their set seemed kind of short to me. I would hazard a guess that they played 90 minutes at most. It could just be that I’m not used to small club shows and that there were two opening acts.

Now if only Iced Earth would come to Charlotte.

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