You can’t control it

I have a question for the ladies. what do you think of this woman? Do you think her body type is obtainable and realistic? Would you do just about anything to get a body like that? If you said yes then you’re an idiot. The picture is of model Ana Carolina Reston, and she’s dead.

A 21-year-old anorexic model who weighed only 88 pounds has died of generalized infection, a hospital said. Ana Carolina Reston, who had worked in China, Turkey, Mexico and Japan for several modeling agencies, died Tuesday, according to Sao Paulo’s Servidor Publico Hospital.

The hospital said the infection that killed the 5-foot-8-inch model was caused by anorexia nervosa, a disorder characterized by an abnormal fear of becoming obese, an aversion to food and severe weight loss.

I bet she thought she could control her eating disorders too.

One thought on “You can’t control it”

  1. It’s a vicious circle. You’ve got anorexic models like this that are causing young girls to be anorexic to try and look like her…and on and on it goes. Meanwhile, I was talking to a friend the other day and a friend of their daughter’s stopped by and said she was out running cause she needed to lose some weight. She was 9!!

    later man



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