What do the Crocodile Hunter and the Son of Sam have in common?

‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin’s Death Caught on Videotape:


I know what you’re thinking. “Trench, why are these two articles together? They have nothing in common”. Au contraire. They have more in common than you think. Let me explain.

When you read the second article you think how reprehensible it is for people to collect things that were made by or belonged to serial killers. Then what would you think of people who collect videos of actual people’s deaths? There are a plethora of sites out there that deal in disturbing death videos. The more disturbing the better. What makes it worse is through the wonders of the internet the videos can be duplicated ad infinitum and posted just about anywhere. Some of the most sought out of these videos are the decapitation by terrorists of Daniel Pearl, the live on-air suicide of Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer, and now probably the sudden death of Steve Irwin. There are laws like the Son of Sam laws that prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes. There should also be some kind of similar law where no one can profit from the filmed, taped, or photographed death of another.

Now that it’s known that Steve Irwin’s death has been caught on tape the death merchants are probably eagerly waiting for it to get leaked so they can post it on their ghoulish websites to try to squeeze a nickel out of somebody else’s corpse.

We used to have a thing in this country called decency but not anymore.

8 thoughts on “What do the Crocodile Hunter and the Son of Sam have in common?”

  1. I personally hope that this video is never seen by the rest of humanity. I truly respect Steve Irwin for the amazing individual he was and the things that he accomplished.


  2. Steve Irwin died of what pretty much anyone who paid attention might have imagined he would die of: an accident involving a wild animal. CROCODILE Hunter Steve Irwin has died after a stringray barb caught him in the chest. The 44&#45year&#45old international TV star was swimming off the Low Isles at Port Douglas filming an underwater documentary when the incident happened. Ambulance officers received a call to a reef fatality this morning at Batt Reef. The Queensland Ambulance Service said the&#8230


  3. I don’t think the producer, who states he was a good friend of Steve Irwin, is planning on releasing the video of the death. I read earlier that the ME is keeping the video until it is proven that there are no criminal charges to be had against the production company.

    Of course (not out of morbid curiosity at least) would I want to see the film for the gory death but rather I want to know what happened. I’ve read a couple of different accounts of how Steve was stung and I simply want to know the truth.

    Larry King Live is doing an interview tonight with the producer who was there. Maybe questions that have come up will be answered then.


  4. “My number one rule is to keep that camera rolling. Even if it’s shaky or slightly out of focus, I don’t give a rip. “Even if a big old alligator is chewing me up I want to go down and go, ‘Crikey!’ just before I die. That would be the ultimate for me.”

    – Steve Irwin

    His wife Terri plans on broadcasting the tapes any ways. It’s not indecent, it’s fitting tribute to catch every moment of this man doing what he loved.


  5. Firstly, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    I kissed the ground the day Australia sought to legislate against profiteering from crimes in prison..ie books,movies etc.
    That tape should not be released, and i can’t see Terry releasing it either, i’m sure she wouldn’t want her kids viewing their fathers death.

    Super blog Trench, i shall be back to read your archives 🙂


  6. Steve Irwin was awsome. I had the lucky chance to meet him three times in my life. He really was larger than life.
    I was devistated to hear that he had died, but you know what I rekon he would say? Its not the animals fault. We are on their territory.
    Steve through and through.


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