The Pro-Anorexia sites

The Vanishing Act:

This isn’t the first time I’ve taken on the topic of pro-eating disorder websites. With the explosion of sites like MySpace, Xanga, and LiveJournal and their refusal to do anything about it, this “movement” is growing…

Faced with recrimination from the outside world, the pro-ana girls went underground. There are currently hundreds of pro-eating-disorder groups spread over all the most popular social-networking sites, including Xanga, MySpace, and Live Journal. Many require new users to submit photos to moderators to prove they’re anorexic.

The hosts see it as a free speech issue I see it as a health and welfare issue. These girls are basically purging themselves into an early grave. Would any of these hosts allow sites that tell you new and better ways to commit suicide? This is no “lifestyle choice”. It’s a disease that the social networking sites are helping to spread.

8 thoughts on “The Pro-Anorexia sites”

  1. I wonder if any of these site owners ever saw that Judging Amy ep in which a girl ends up the hospital after recieving “tips” from a pro-ana site, w/the site owner being brought to trial for it…upon seeing that she’s near death, the owner promises to take down her site, but the girl then dies, and she ends up charged w/murder…


  2. This also brings to mind the “cutter” sites. Kids (some as young as 12… 6th graders!) self-mutilate with razors or other sharp objects. This behavior would never have exploded as it has the past 10 years w/o Internet support.
    To be fair, there are some sites that offer help and alternatives, but there are far more that promote and glamorize. 😦


  3. In fairness, the lack of intervention is to do with liability, not lack of care.

    If they don’t interfere, they’re a common carrier. But if they start interfering, they stop being a common carrier and become liable if they then don’t interfere in every case. Some of these services have millions of users. They don’t have the resources to supervise them all.


  4. But those sites also have what’s called a ‘Terms of Service’ which is why those sites can shut down racist sites or any other site they deem objectionable. Freedom of speech only applies when the government tries to tell you what you can and can’t say. Any website host can reject any site for any reason they deem necesary. In my opinion pro-ana sites or no different than a site that tries to talk you into suicide and shows you the best way to kill yourself.


  5. Hey man, I have to say, nothing is sadder then a girl finding those sites and getting ideas of her own, and maybe getting an ED later down the road. But you cant say no to those sites. Just because they are talking about things that may influence others to do as they do, you cant do anything. If you have a blog, you have freedom of speech. Those site hosts arent going to say no. If one kid can talk about how they take thier dog for a walk everyday, someone else can damn well talk about the amount of heroin bags they consume a day, or whatever messed up issue they may have.


  6. So is there NO way at all to get a pro ana site on myspace closed down?

    Ive reported the same one 3 times now and nothing has happened, plus its members have been sending me abusive messages because Ive been reporting it.

    Its very dangerous and myspace MUST take some responsibility.

    Does anybody know if there is any way at all to get it deleted?


  7. this site is so dumb! these sites your saying,that are ‘bad’ and that you wanna close!well you KNOW you’ll never close any of these sites so give up and get over it!JESUS!


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