Ronnie James Dio, the answer to world peace

With all the strife and turmoil that has been going on in the Middle East, I have come up with the solution. There is only one man with the wisdom and presence to bring peace to the region. That man’s name is Ronnie James Dio.

I know what you’re thinking? What can a musician do to solve the Middle East crisis? Dio is not just a musician, he is a god among men. For instance, he speaks to the heart of the Iranian people…

Iranian teens speak love, life and… metal:

Mani is a 16-year old student from Karaj, just west of Tehran. He plays football as a centre forward and trains every day after school with his coach.

When I ask him about his dreams he explains he wants to play in Europe.

He says Iran has some very talented players, but that they don?t play well together, thus scuppering the country’s chances of international success.

Mani’s other passion is music.

“I love rock and metal music. Ronnie James Dio is my favourite singer,” he beams.

Still not convinced? Read the words of a noted political pundit…

Casting the First Stone:

When I think of peace and good will in this part of the world, I am reminded of what rock star legend Ronnie James Dio once said. He said “where good thrives, evil survives.” This is very well described in Middle East politics and society. As long as evil lives, so will war and death. Only when sin is defeated by the return of Christ our Lord will these things be destroyed.

So Ronnie James Dio could be the harbinger for the second coming.

So now I appeal to Mr. Dio to be that Holy Diver and to Stand Up and Shout for world peace before the chains are on and we’re all the last in line.

All hail his name m/

If you were offended by this I have three words for ya. Lighten Up, Francis.

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