The night was black was no use holding back
‘Cos I just had to see was someone watching me
In the mist dark figures move and twist
Was this all for real or some kind of hell

-“Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

Violence Rumors Rumble Over Dreaded Date 6-6-06:

More 666 rumors…

A Carroll County High School is trying to ease parents’ fears about sending their kids to school next Tuesday.

The date translates into 6-6-6, a day associated with Satanic references. And there had been rumors of extreme violence to mark it. The rumors have been circulating for months and got parents at Liberty High School in Carroll County worried. So the school system called in Maryland State Police to investigate. Their investigation zeroed in on two students and led to searches of homes and computers.

The superintendent met with several dozen Liberty high parents last week to address their safety concerns. They’ve decided to ban trench coats that some of the Goth crowd has been wearing. They say it’s too much like Columbine suspects who killed 13 people and committed suicide in 1999.

On 6-6-6, police will be everywhere. Still, we’re told that students who miss class next Tuesday will be able to make up the work, if they have a parent’s note.

All over the DC area, school officials and police are asking parents to monitor their child’s computer use and report any troubling information they uncover.

A trench coat ban? For real? First off no one should be wearing a trench coat in June. Even I don’t wear mine in June. It’s hot out people. Secondly, a trench coat ban isn’t going to solve anything. It’s just going to make the masses more riled. 9 times out of 10 goths are not prone to violence. It’s only the mutants that give the rest of them a bad name. But like I said I’d be surprised if someone didn’t try to plan something on June 6th. I just hope police, schools, and other students are vigilant enough to keep anything from happening.

4 thoughts on “666-III”

  1. uhhh Trench did u read that response to Zero Hour that some mutant posted? Said he’s gonna shoot up the school on June 6. Looks like there’s gonna be a lot of arrests tomoro. I bet no one actually succeeds.


  2. ten bucks says most kids will be in theaters watching the movie the omen on its first showing then actualy waste away a nice june day on school, reguardless of school shooting threats… i know i would


  3. um…yeah..in june? Thats fucked up. Although i got my trenchcoat taken away back in winter when i was wore mine to school. Principal says it “inspires fear” I told him fuck the fears, its my first amendment we’re actually talking about. Dont think i didnt put up a fight, cause i did. I told them they cant make me take it off and they said i couldnt wear it in the class room and if i put in the locker, they would confiscate it. I told them i have the right to wear it like the kid during 70’s during who was wearing a black arm-band in memory of the fallen soldiers in Vietnam, not in protest. Court ruled that he can wear what ever he wants as long as it doesnt interrupt learning. All i wanted to do was wear it from my car in the parking lot (which happens to be outside and cold at the time)to my locker. So i put in the locker and they took it. In protest i snuck in the principals office and stole it back. He came to me asking if i had it and i said, “If you are refering to my personal property, yes. If you are referring to my stolen property, yes. Im only taking back what is rightfully mine.” And so i walked out. After that, everytime i wore it in he would give me a nasty look and i threatened to sue if they stole it again. It wasnt doing any harm sitting in my locker. And they never took it again. The coat didnt win me any popularity points but atleast i was warm and fasionable.


  4. I actually went to that school. The rich girls had actually started a rumor about my friend after he mentioned that the columbine kids had a shirt that said natural selections. She had admitted to be trying to get him in trouble, and this was perfect for her. rumors started, and the “goth” kids started getting death threats against us. No one had worn a trench coat (including columbine), but some parents decided to complain to the super intendent at a meeting. This sparked him to think we were going to wear trench coats. It was a pile of bull shit.


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