Senegalese Wrestling

Wrestlemania grips Senegal over ancient sport:

Now, this sounds like something I could get into more than the crap the WWE is putting on the air…

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — It is early evening in West Africa, and two young men in loincloths cover themselves in fine red dust and prepare to do battle. But this is no rural village scene.

Television cameras follow the fighters’ every move, and outside the stadium the streets heave with the traffic of one of the region’s most modern capitals.

Traditional wrestling, practiced for centuries in the Senegalese countryside, has evolved into a modern sports phenomenon.

Every child in the city knows the names of the biggest stars of the ring — Yekini, Bombardier and the American-styled Mike Tyson — each of whom can make up to $120,000 U.S. a fight. The sport is nationally televised, and important matches can fill a 60,000-seat stadium.

Many other traditional sports have declined in recent years because the public isn’t interested enough. But among Senegal’s youth, passion for their country’s ancient pastime is still alive and well.

Read the rest of the article. It’s a really great read. And with some of the crap ESPN puts on at night you would think they’d have room for this.

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