Gorenographer behind bars

Arrest raises issues about obscenity, local standards, Web:

Remember the gore for porn website I talked about where servicemen and women serving in Iraq or Afghanistan can get free membership to an amateur porn site in exchange for graphic images of dead terrorists and sometimes even civilians? It turns out the webmaster, Chris Wilson, is in jail on local obscenity charges. I’m torn because while I don’t agree with the way local officials charged him I do have to chuckle that this sleazeball is behind bars.

2 thoughts on “Gorenographer behind bars”

  1. I’m with you on this one Trench. Torn between sleazeballs and freedom. Funny that he is arrested but I am also concerned about the grounds he was arrested on. Kiddie porn? No prob…lock him up and throw away the key. Regular old consenting adult sex? Well….I’ve got a problem with that. Freedom of speech and our freedom in general is one of my major issues (which is why I am a Libertarian).


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